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I need to reduce numbers so I have a few Alpines for sale.

First is a 2 year old American Alpine doe in milk. She is a first freshener and kidded at the end of January. Well attached udder, hand milked twice a day. She isn't a large Alpine, but should continue to grow. Registered name is Puckett's LB Hurricane $250

January 2013 American Alpine doe kid. Prairie Trail AD Katniss is an AI kid sired by Chestnut-Row Artful Dodger. Really nice cou clair kid. Dam gave over a gallon a day and was very easy to AI. Katniss is long and level with excellent feet and legs. Super nice kid, I was going to keep her but have too many goats. She is a half sister to Hurricane $250

January 2013 American Alpine doe kid. Prairie Trail E Primrose is sired by a buck I kept from last years AI crop. His dam had a super soft udder, with plenty of milk. She was super long and very level. Primrose is a nice young kid, tons of depth and strength throughout. Excellent breed character. She is a light chamoisee color. Her only fault is she does toe out in the front. Her dam is Hurricane. $200

I have pics of all of these goats, herd is CAE negative. Located in Crawfordsville, AR near Memphis, TN. I may be going back home to north east OK in a few weeks, so will be able to bring them there and can deliver along my route home.
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