Ohio ADGA Alpine Milker X-Cellent Lines, Just in Milk again

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    We have decided we have got to thin out our herd a bit and have decided to part with "Genny". Genny comes from very good bloodlines and has a very sweet disposition. Last year she was our best milker (when milking twice a day she was giving consistently over a gallon a day). Genny has a very submissive personality and tends to keep to herself more than acclimating with the herd.

    The negatives, Genny doesn't have great feet...no diseases etc...but the hoof is thinner than most and the outer cuticle tends to split more on her than most. She has always given us beautiful kids and the richest milk. It would be our guess that she would be exceptional as a home milker but she isn't a good choice if your looking for a show quality goat.

    Genny is just into milk again and should he a heavy producer for the coming year.

    Villa Capella Genny
    American Alpine Doe
    ADGA#: 1511792
    DOB: 25-Mar-2010
    Color: Chamoisee; White legs
    Tattoo: re= ZWW le= A2
    Role: Gentile Lady

    SS: Dixie-Does Dreamy Juno *B LA2007,2005
    S: Dixie-Does Juno Hitchcock *B
    SD: GCH Dixie-Does Trademark C Eva 2*M ST2008 LA2007 DS: Willow Run Jester Jackson *B
    D: Villa Capella Gretel
    DD: Black Swamp Farms Kiley

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