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    Feb 26, 2011
    Trying to downsize the herd, so have decided the easiest way is to cut back to 2 breeds (Nubian and Toggenburg), and sell the Alpines (well, the young stock anyway). <sidenote: try as I may, I am not good at "getting out" of anything goat related :) >
    1. M & R GOATS CANDY APPLE, 2yr old, FF, kidded on Feb 19th w/ triplets (was bred to my reg. Nubian buck), had the kids all on her own and was starting to clean them off by the time I got to the barn. I have pulled the kids and am raising them on CAE prevention--the 2 doe kids are for sale also. Milks about 1/2gal+ per day, very nice rear udder attachments and extension. Haven't clipped her fore udder to see what that looks like yet. Teats are a little small, but milks nice and is well behaved on the stand. Asking $200 for Candy, $100/ doe kid (out of GRACE N MERCY ROCKSTAR)
    2. M & R GOATS ELEGANT EMILY, yearling, was exposed for mid-April kids to registration-pending Alpine buck (RAVENWOOD AVI'S ACE x THE HEILMAN ELLIAHNU). Asking $150
    3 & 4. DEER VIEW FARM JOY'S GEORGIA and DEER VIEW FARM CLOE'LITTLEGIRL, both yearlings. Georgia had been exposed for Feb. kids, but didn't settle. Both have bloodlines that go back to Olentangy . Asking $125/each
    Can email pictures
    [email protected]
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    Can you send me pictures please! [email protected] Udder picture of candy if you have it to

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    Feb 26, 2011
    Tried to upload pictures, but evidently the files are too big. I can email them (am at least that computer-savvy ;) )
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    Feb 26, 2011
    if interested I put an ad on with pictures
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    looked at hoobly and did not find the ad
    could you post the direct link please