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I have been very busy the last month or so and haven't been advertising this little girl. She is my LAST kid for sale this year! She has grown and is maturing very nicely, and she just gets sweeter and sweeter, she is one of my friendliest kids born this year and is in your pocket. This girl is very uphill with sharp shoulders, nice brisket extension and very pretty rear leg angulation. She already has some nice body depth for a four month old, and I expect her to just keep maturing in that direction. She has the body capacity without sacrificing dairy character or femininity, she has an extremely feminine face with huge eyes.

Her lines include Diji Farm, Gladdie Acres, Piddlin Acres and Pholia Farms. She is registered with the ADGA as Firelight DW Snow White. She is a pale cream with tons of splashy white lacing and she has a quarter sized moon spot you can barely see in the photo on her right side...If you part the hair the roots are very dark so it should be very visible when shaved for the show ring. Minimally moon-spotted animals can produce wildly marked offspring. Her lines:

Sire: Diji Farm CG Densil Washington +V+83 (LA as a fresh two year old.)
Sire's Sire: Poppy Patch RC Cary Grant (Twin Creeks Rebel W/O A Cause x Sugar Creek's PG Jane Seymour)
Sire's Dam: Medallion Ridge CH Cheyenne(PromisedLand HH Crazy Horse x Cami's Nigerian Dwarf Paradise)
Dam: Gladdie Acres BVCupcake
Dam's Sire: My Kids Farm Bugatti Veyron LA VEV89
(CH Piddlin Acres CB Spanish Fly VEE88 x GCH Piddlin Acres V Shanghai's Kai 1*M LA EEE90)
Dam's Dam: Pholia Farm CA Darcy (Pholia Farm HB Casper *B LA++V84 x Pholia Farm GO Mimosa 2*M)

The first photo is Snow White, taken last week at a few days short of four months old. Second photo is her sire, third is her dam and fourth is her dam's first freshening udder this spring. Email for additional photos, information, etc. She is UTD on all shots (CD/T), worming, hoof care, etc. Call 541-973-4927 (TEXTING is actually better), IM me here or email [email protected]

*Firelight DW Snow White*

*Diji Farm CG Densil Washington*
-His litter-mate sister earned her milk star as a two year old...I found a photo of her udder, waiting for permission to use it here. Email me for a link to it!-

*Gladdie Acres BV Cupcake*

*Cupcake's FF Udder*
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