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We have a really nice buck that we are not going to be using for breeding anymore...
We have found that my kids not only have a cow milk intolerance but also cant tolerate the richer Nigerian milk. They do well with Lamancha and Saanen milk... so crazy! We love our Nigerians, but if we can't use their milk then we will not be breeding for showing.

This boy is a real sweetheart and we just love his nice personality..

Here is a little bit on his background:

He came from Poppy Patch Nigerians in Washington
Has given us seven babies out of two does; 3 of which are doelings... we are currently using one of his doelings in 4H for pet therapy at a senior home ..

SIRE: Poppy Patch HB Funny Valentine

DAM: Poppy Patch RC Cherish

I can give someone more information on his lines if needed... He came from a clean herd and we have tested clean here also...

His DOB is 3/18/2012

He would love a job as he has been priming himself up with no ladies to visit with :)

I'm asking $300.00, I paid $250. He has an awesome background for udders and conformation... He really has so many good qualities and want him to go to a home where he will be able to pass on his genetics and personality.. :)


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