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Located an hour SW of Raleigh
Very sweet and gentle Nigerian Dwarf doe for sale - Dread Pirate Azora. Her dam has her milk star. Azora is a first freshener who kidded unassisted with twins this past spring. Extremely well behaved on the stand, level topline, will need to be bred to a small buckling as she is on the small side.

Would consider selling as a pet without papers for a discount.

One of her doelings is also available for sale, I'm retaining her sister.

Azora's Page:
Azora's Dam:
Dread Pirate Sadie
2019 LA +VE+ 85

Line bred on Sinai Thunder AD Valiant *S *B son of: Sinai Thunder Charity 1*M *DAR EEEV90
2013, 2014 ADGA National Top 10 305 Day Awards (all 3 categories 2014), 2013, 2014; AGS National Top 10 1 Day Milk Test (in all 4 categories); 2013 AGS National Oldest Doe on Test Milked 1130# in 305 Days, 5.4# High Test Day, Score 80.87; 2013 ANDDA Sue Rucker GRAND JuJu Award; 2015 ADGA ELITE DOE)

Azora: Vertebrate Dog breed Goat Working animal Fence Plant Vertebrate Organism Goat Grass Plant Grass Carnivore Working animal Terrestrial animal Plant Working animal Grass Fawn Terrestrial animal Leg Dog Carnivore Dog breed Dress
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18 Show Content
Hand Leg Human body Gesture Wood Eye Plant Leg Human body Working animal
Dam: Footwear Dog Green Plant Dog breed
Kids: Goat Dog breed Grass Terrestrial animal Grassland Plant Felidae Dog breed Small to medium-sized cats Carnivore

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@DreadPirate Wow....this is weird! Our farm email received an email about this very doe, asking questions etc. Clearly the wrong email (the person knows this now). Our farm names are not similar in any way and our email address has our farm name in it too :confused: They said the it was the email from the craigslist add. I don't sell my Nigerians on CL and don't have any available anyway. :shrug: We DID live in Pittsboro tho (recently moved).
Thought you'd get a chuckle from this! Keep your eyes open, I imagine the person will try to contact you again :)
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