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Dread Pirate Farms
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Located an hour Sw. of Raleigh, NC
Posting a few more goats for sale as I need to reduce my numbers. Herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's in the last year: Results. More pictures and links to dam's and sires on the website: For Sale

Dread Pirate Truce - Polled
Vertebrate Mammal Working animal Goat Plant

Dog Plant Mammal Carnivore Dog breed
Dread Pirate Pistol x Little Tots Estate Tater's April 2019 yearling - $500
Pistol (Sinai Thunder AD Valiant *S *B x Wooly Dog Down Zoey)
Tater (PGCH Little Tots Estate Max *B x Little Tots Estate Acana 4*M)
ADGA Pedigree

We call her Chip - because of a run in with a fence when she was younger mangled her ear a bit. Retaining her sister. Friendly goat, not skittish, likes having her nose played with:

Doeling - Polled
Terrestrial animal Snout Tail Fur Wood
Repeat of the above breeding for this year -
Dread Pirate Pistol x Little Tots Estate Tater
Born 3/25/20 - 500
Her brother is also available, intact or wethered

Dread Pirate Azora x Little Tots Estate Tater Doeling
Goat Dog breed Grass Terrestrial animal Grassland

Plant Vertebrate Working animal Goat Organism

Plant Working animal Dog breed Grass Fawn
"Little Posing Queen" seems to be dark chocolate, but she's out of two black goats which doesn't happen often so not 100% sure. Retaining her sister - $450
Born 4/23/2020


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