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Oak Hollow Ranch has one Nubian doeiling and one Nubian Buckling born 3/29 available out of a set of triplets. They both possess the strenghts of their Kastdemur and Lassenwood lineage. Their mother, Rachel, is a heavy producer, giving us steadily over a gallon every day as a first freshener. Beacuse she produces so heavily, the kids are still drinking 2 very small botles per day. Her udder is also well attached, paricularly in the foreudder, with great teat placement and strong medial suspensory ligaments. Not to mention that she is the grandaughter of both Kastdemur's King of the Hill and Kastdemur's Mystere. Her genetics from several strong herds goes back many generations. Rachel is also an angel on the milk stand and is extremely friendly. Nubian milk is extremely creamy and delicious, truly the best milk I have ever tasted!

Mother's Pedigree:

Their sire is a finished CH Lassenwood buck. He produces very dairy and correct kids. He is a gorgeous buck himself, and we were so happy to have a chance to add his genetics to our herd.

His pedigree can be seen here:

Our Practices: All the goats on our farm are raised with compassion and kindness in a family setting by an FFA officer and 4-H member. All of our goats are extremely friendly and personable. Our herd tested negative for CAE and CL in Summer 2012, and is tested annually. All of the kids bought or born on our farm are raised on a strict CAE prevention program from birth on. All kids are fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. Kids are introduced to quality alfalfa at a young age. Adults eat alfalfa, and pregnant and lactating animals are fed grain. All goats have free choice Manna Pro goat minerals, baking soda, probiotics, and ammonium chloride for our wether. We also worm as needed, trim hooves regularly, supplement their diets with selenium/vitamin E gel, copper bolus every six months, and keep all animals UTD on their CDT vaccination to prevent Tetanus and Enterotoxemia.

Kids for sale:
Cookie (**SOLD**)- In the past weeks, we have all grown very attached to our triplet kids. Choosing to sell Cookie (the doeling) has been very difficult. Her and her sister each have their own set of strengths, but we finally decided that we just can't keep them all. Cookie is a very long doeling with correct leg placment and a smoothly blended body. She moves gracefully and has an open escuchen and body structure. She did well at the may NVDGA show, placing either right in front of or right behind her sister, who placed second twice in some very competative rings. I love how dairy she is, and at 11 weeks, she is a gorgeous doeiling. She would be an asset to a show or home dairy herd. Her registration is pending and should be arriving any day.

Nutmeg(**SOLD**)- Nutmeg is the perfect mixture of Kastdemur and Lassenwood genetics. When we chose to breed Pluto to Rachel, he is exactly what I was hoping for. He is so strong and upstanding, with near perfect leg structure and a wide base. He carries both the producing ability and structural correctness in his DNA. At the May NVDGA show he placed second 4 consecutive times. He is also a real sweetheart and would make an awesome herdsire for a dairy herd. He can be left intact and registered for ONLY $125. He could also be sold as a PET, pack, or cart wether for just $50. He just turned 13 weeks old and needs a new home! :D

Our new website can be seen at:

Our Policy: These animals are NOT being sold for meat or to be used as "weedeaters". Buyer will be screened, as we do care where our animals go. $25 discount will be offered to 4-H and FFA members. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us. This is a great opportunity for beginning goat owners who want to begin their herd with a strong genetic base.

**Black doeling not for sale**

Only a few hours old:

Mom's foreudder:



Oreo at fair last Friday:

Their mom at the Fair on Friday:

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