ADGA Nubian doeling for sale in Colorado

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    Feb 8, 2019
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    Ruby is a beautiful, classically white-eared Nubian from strong milking lines. Since September, she's been fed a serving of grain mix daily on the milk stand, where she's handled, tamed for milking, and her hooves are trimmed. Our small herd goes on walks with us, and our 7-yr old granddaughter also handles our kids.
    Our barn and fenced pasture set-up is at capacity; we're planning to keep Ruby's sister, but we do have a 1/2 Nubian 1/2 French Alpine wether who could go with Ruby to keep her company, if needed.

    All our kids are dam-raised by disease-free moms (2018 tests--all negative) and their diets are supplemented by a custom, whole-grain, organic feed that our neighbors blend for their dairy farm (goats). Ruby, like all of our herd, is healthy and spry; and her coat is lustrous and shiny.

    Born in July of 2018, Ruby could make a great 4-H project, and she'll be ready next season to produce.

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