ADGA Nubians ~ Ohio

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    Oct 16, 2007
    NW Ohio
    State Line EZM Foxxy and State Line EZM Flirt (both are not yet registered)
    DOB: 2/20/09 ~ Purebred Nubian Does

    SS: Kastdemur's Free And Easy ~ This buck is doing really well at the shows taking BOB and BIS quite a few times and he's only 2 years old!
    Sire: Hoanbu KFE Easy Money
    SD: Hoanbu Stat Giavonna Giabella

    DS: LakeShore EX Summer Sin
    Dam: Quarter Mile Just Fooled You ~ This doe has an awesome udder on her. We do not own her any more, but you'll see her out in the show ring with the Fancy Colors herd.
    DD: LakeShore-Farms DEX Sahara

    Both of these doelings should have nice udders on them. We were planning on keeping one of them, but it turns out that we will be getting another milker and we just can't keep everybody. $250 each.

    State Line RP Paloma (not yet registered)
    DOB: 3/5/09 ~ 75% Recorded Grade Nubian Doe

    SS: LakeShore Ace Roulette ~ This buck has been producing lovely daughters for the Quarter Mile herd...including last year's National 6th place 2 year old!!
    Sire: Quarter Mile Rebel Pride
    SD: LakeShore-Farms Lace Lilu

    DS: Four Pines Duke David
    Dam: Seigneur Farms Precious
    DD: Seigneur Farms Brigitte

    This doeling is a big improvement over her dam and we are keeping her sister. She should be a nice milker. $150

    State Line RP Bogart (not yet registered)
    DOB: 1/12/09 ~ Purebred Nubian Buck

    SS: LakeShore Ace Roulette
    Sire: Quarter Mile Rebel Pride
    SD: LakeShore-Farms Lace Lilu

    DS: Copper-Hill Rameses
    Dam: Copper-Hill Bella
    DD: Copper-Hill Papas Black Coffee

    This guy is pretty nice! A combo of Copper-Hill and LakeShore/Kastdemur's genetics. His dam's udder is scarred by mastitis, but we have his half maternal yearling milker sister that you could see pics of. His littermate sister, who is owned by Quarter Mile Nubians, was RGCH in both rings at the annual GLOM show this past weekend. And one ring was under Dan Laney with 26 Jr. Nubians! Asking $350.

    We also have a few older animals for sale. Please contact us for more info and pics. You can email me at or send me a PM. Thank you!