Black swiss-marked, polled Nigerian buckling from good milking lines. He can be registered but I haven't submitted any paperwork for him yet. Healthy and ready to go (born 4/7). Dam has a nice first freshener udder. From disease-free herd (negative for CL, CAE, Johne's, Q-fever, and Brucellosis). I'm willing to deliver or meet up within a reasonable distance (2 or 3 hours from me and a deposit paid). He's really sweet and would also make a good pet if someone would prefer him as a wether (price would be a lot less).

Plant Working animal Tree Grass Natural landscape
Hand Eye Ear Gesture Finger
Head Cloud Sky Working animal Plant
Plant Sky Tree Working animal Grass
Plant Dog breed Goat Grass Goat-antelope
Plant Working animal Goat Grass Terrestrial animal

S: Seven Gables Beefcake
D: JCH Mountain Farm Clover

SS: Fuller Farm NB Montezuma
SD: Better Wayz Carmel Candy *M
DS: Ann’s Green Gables Ragnar
DD: Twiggity OB Pipsqueak

SSS: Rosasharn WS Nebbiolo *B
SSD: Better Wayz Arizona Cholla
SDS: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B SG
SDD: Better Wayz Cocoa Carmella

DSS: SG NC Promisedland Sia Samurai ++*B SG
DSD: Udderly Southern Marley
DDS: NC Promisedland RC Obama *B
DDD: AGS Enchanted Hill Pipsissewa *M

SSSS: Rosasharn PLW Will Shakespeare *B
SSSD: Rosasharn GX Shiraz 5*M
SSDS: SG Gillispie’s Black Bear +*B SG
SSDD: Better Wayz Cindirella

SDSS: Old Mountain Farm Romeo ++B
SDSD: SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Diva *M
SDDS: Fields of Grace FL Smooth Jazz
SDDD: Cloven Trail Cocoa Puff

DSSS: NC Promisedland SS Sam I Am *++B
DSSD: NC Promisedland Beau-dacious 2*M
DSDS: Little Tots Estate IMA Sly Fox *B
DSDD: AGS Little Tot’s Estate Juniper

DDSS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron ++B
DDSD: SGCH AGS Caesar’s Villa LV Breezy *M SCGH
DDDS: AGS Caesar’s Villa STS Blackhawk +B
DDDD: AGS Enchanted Hill Pixie

Dam - first freshener - day 41
Fawn Snout Terrestrial animal Tail Livestock
Working animal Fawn Snout Tail Terrestrial animal