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We currently have 4 ADGA purebred Nubian bucklings now available for new homes. Three of these bucklings carry Price O The Field and B.E.S.T. lines. One carries Price O The Field and Saada lines. All four have great breeding potential and come from 8*M lines. One black with frosted ears/muzzle/cap (DDF Majestic Knight), one red with frosted ears/muzzle/cap (DDF Sir Gawain), one red roan with frosted ears/muzzle/cap (DDF Fire Royale) and one strawberry roan with frosted ears/muzzle/cap (DDF Jaco The Great).

We also have one Purebred doeling that is being sold without papers (contact for additional information). (Peppermint Patty)

First picture has left to right: Knight, Jaco, Gawain, Patty (front) and Royale (behind Patty)

Second picture is of Gawain

Third picture: Royale (front), Knight (middle) and Jaco (back)

On a side note those interested in percentage boers:
Soon we will have our 50% boer/nubian buckling and doeling available for sale when they get closer to weaning. (currently being called Bill and Rita but we have not decided on their registration names yet).


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