ADGA Reg Nubian Bucklings - MN

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Hello everyone!

    I'm going off to college this fall and have to sell all of my bucklings from this year =(

    The sire to all four is Blissberry MW Rock Cliff; #N001477479
    As much as I want to I cannot keep all four of these guys so they have to go.

    Bucklings #1 and #2 are full siblings, their dam is ADGA#N001468279 They were born June 5th.
    #1 is light brown with a couple white spots, a beautiful set of ears and is very tall for his age, he should mature nicely.
    #2 is very flashy, he is brown with a white belt and white spots. He has a nice level back and so far I am very happy with his conformation.
    $200 each.

    Buckling #3 is registrable as an American Nubian. He was born May 31st, I am keeping his sister.
    He is a dark brown with white trim. He has very long and pendulous ears, and a nice long and level body.
    His dam is #N001465514. She a great milker, good set of teats and a long body which she has carried onto her kids.

    Buckling #4 is a lighter brown with white trim and a small white line on his side. Born June 12th. I am keeping his sister as well.
    His dam is #N001468280, she is an excellent milker, great udder and a nice level back. Between his dam and his sire I think he'll go far and mature into a nice herdsire for someone.

    All bucklings will be tattooed and disbudded before leaving. Their registration papers are all filled out, I just need to add names and I can get the papers sent in and transferred to new owners.
    They are raised on CAE prevention and have been bottle-fed since birth. The dams and sire of all four bucklings are on-site.

    I have never sold an animal by way of shipping crate or any of that, but there's a first time for everything.. right?

    Feel free to PM or email me for more info.