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I have a ADGA registrable Alpine buckling for sale. He is super sweet, has been disbudded, and is currently on the bottle-he also knows how to drink out of a pan, for easy feeding ability. He comes from excellent show and milk lines, with many GCHs, SGCHs, CHs, *Bs, and more!

Boom is very long and level over the topline, with excellent feet and legs. He is very dairy, with soft, pliable dairy skin. If there was one thing we would change about him, it would be his loose elbows.
He is linebred (selectively bred) on GCH Willow Run Apache Josefina 3*M LA 92 EEEE, 1st place Nationals and Reserve Best Udder, as well as 4th in Top Ten Milkers; and ++*B Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave'.

His Sire (father), Hull's RWHT King Of Hearts, is a very nice buck who excels in dairy character and length of body. King's feet and legs are excellent! His pasterns are short and upright, his toes tight, and he is long and level. We love this buck! His littermate sister, Hull's RWHT Harvest Moon, is currently producing a gallon a day as a first freshener.

His Dam (mother), Hull's HJE Frosty Morning, is a beautiful doe! She is long and tall, as well as level over the topline. Her feet and legs are superb! The toes are tight and her legs are straight; her elbows are very tight! She is very uphill and sharp about the withers, and her long, elegant neck blends smoothly in to her withers. Her udder is beautiful, being very, very well attached and having excellent teat placement; she is a dream to milk! Frosty took Best in Class twice as a first freshener, and all that is holding Frosty back from getting her CH legs is her absence of capacity-something that will come with age. We look forward to showing this doe in the near future! Frosty is currently producing a gallon and a quarter a day as a first freshener, and this should only get better!

For more info, pictures of the animals in his background, and more, please go to:

Cob Cottage HKOH Sonic Boom (pending, name can be changed upon request)
DOB: 4/21/2013
Coloring: Partially Belted Chocolate, White Poll & Markings
Sire: Hull's RWHT King Of Hearts
Dam: Hull's HJE Frosty Morning
Price: $250

If you are looking for a new buck to add to your herd, then this buckling is a great choice!

We believe that this cross will result in a beautiful animal that will pass on milk, quality, and more!

Pictured here is his Sire, Sire's Dam, Dam, Dam's udder, and Boom at just a few weeks old.

Thanks for looking!
Please contact me with any questions!! :cool:From top to bottom: Boom (not behaving), Frosty, Frosty's udder w/ a 12 hour fill, Hallie's udder, King's Dam, and King

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