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CAE, CL, Johne's negative herd.
Current on CD&T, worming, and copper bolus.

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe - Available in Milk.
She will be learning to milk in a couple of weeks and I can get amounts produced then.
Rosasharn, Goodwood, and Fairlea bloodlines
Black and Brown Buckskin, no white.

Can sell as a package with the doe in this ad and an unrelated buck for $750.

Her ADGA registerable Nigerian Dwarf Bottle Buckling.
Dad comes from very milky Wooly Dog Down Pepsi Blue with a daughter that milked over 3 lbs day as a first freshener.
Black and Brown Buckskin with a white poll, possibly polled.


Pictures available in a couple of days or pm me.
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