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ADGA Transfer Questions?

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Hey goat family!

I recently bought a beautiful Nigerian Dwarf buck today. He's AGS registered, I have his sealed pedigree certificate, and I have the signed bill of sale transfer slip from the previous owner to transfer him into my name.
I want to transfer registries and go the ADGA route instead of the AGS route.
Do I have to transfer him into my name with AGS first, and then transfer his registry to ADGA whenever his new certificate comes in, or can I do it without having to go through that first step?

Not sure if anyone has ever done this before, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask since I'm new to registered goats. He's my first registered goat and a real beauty at that!
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When I did it I transferred them to my name with AGS first, but I wanted them dual registered anyway. Keep in mind that ADGA is a mess right now and I don't think they even have the capability to register AGS animals with the new software yet. I'm pretty sure that's one of the things that's sitting in "the pile." So no matter what you decide to do, I'd advise against sending ADGA any AGS papers for the time being.
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You definitely have to register him with AGS first.
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