so i havent ever sold any goats on this forum, but I consider it trying to advertise so....
I have a few more yearlings I am putting up for sale :)

purplerain cc "you name" feb 2021 beautiful gold gal-$500
sire is castle rock pinpoint clover-
ss- CRF castle rock harvest moon
sd- SGCH castle rock owls clover 2*m VEEE 90- sibling to Cleveland sage
dam purplerain t misty harvest-
ds- Sierra aspen ps tempo +VV 84- son of GCH algedi farm MH andante and castle rock port sunlight(Tahitian sunset sibling)
dd- Harley hillside black dahlia 1x GCH junior- +V+V 83

Purplerain cc hazy harvest is her sibling and you can look up her info on ADGA genetics. sweet but not overly in your face dry doe. I like this doe but i like her sister a bit better. She has a nice brisket and nice to look at, if i was picky i would like to see a smoother rump. She is better then her dam as her front end is nicer. Her dam has a wonderful mammary. She isnt a huge producer but has not problem raising quads. Her dam is 50 pounds. This gal can be serviced to any of my bucks for $100 with doeling only service memo.

- purplerain spring beauty- march 2021 dry yearling blk with blue eyes- $550
preety little thing
sire- oak apple kazumi
ss- oak apple ciaran
sd- SG old mountain farm Mizuki 4*m vvee 90
dam- Harley hillside black dahlia- going on milk test in 2023
ds-castle rock clark's nutcracker
dd- CRF castle rock scarlet flax 2*m VEEE 90
Beauty can stand up for herself she is a smaller doe and shouldnt be bred until two. I would say she is in the middle of the herd and likes it that way. Her dam was a very dairy doe in style and only 50 pounds if i was picky, i would like stronger front legs and capacity in the mammary a bit faster. Kazumi has very nice front legs and his dam was a good producer. Beauty looks to have good front legs and is a bit stronger looking then her dam so far.

- MBD farms "you name" bought dam pregnant- chamoisee and white feb 2022 doeling-$600
sire- voilet's acre smooth criminal
ss- Lilmiss b haven Bahgerah
sd- GCH wood bridge farm spelling bee 3*m

dam- lukalah farm bz quinta VEEV 89- i believe she has her milk star if not she produces a ton
ds- GCH pecan hollow BZ bazinga VEE 90
dd- Lukalah farm hj saothar rose' 2*m VEVE 89

This little one is hard to list. she is a sweet little lady. But i also have her sibling who i spent hours with when she was a youngin. I am excited to see these siblings mature. Her dam quinta, is a large strong -wide and long doe. I have tentatively named this doeling bee D'Vine but since she isnt registered yet she can be named something else. ADGA website doesnt agree with the 8 kids quinta had, so I still have a ticket waiting on info on how i can register her. Her dam is an overall nice looking doe. If im picky i would like to see a smoother foreudder and more brisket with quinta.