Adult doe diarrhea and copper bolus question

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    Apr 6, 2020
    You all have been so helpful in the past! I appreciate everything you've already done for me. I have a couple of questions again.

    I have a doe who started having diarrhea. On July 2 I noticed her milk production dropped significantly. She was eating and fine otherwise. I attributed it to the heat.

    On July 3, she started with diarrhea, still eating fine in the morning. I immediately quarantined her, cleaned out and bleached the goat pen, acute dosed my herbal wormer and gave electrolytes. Went off all feed that night, including hay. Did a mastitis test, which came back positive on one side.

    Morning of July 4, I milked her out, cleaned her up and spent quite a bit of time feeling for heat or hard lumps. Nothing. Her udders look fine. I know diarrhea isn't a mastitis symptom and I know that goats can give a false positive on the test, so I'm not clinging to mastitis as an issue.

    Yesterday we gave her sub Q fluids as my daughter is a vet tech and had all of the equipment and the fluids. She is eating in the pasture, but not her grain or hay. She is sad and lays around all day. It's very hot here, 99 degrees and 80-100% humidity. I have seen her drinking and peeing. Her udders are not full and she is my best producing goat. I haven't milked her since the morning of the 4th.

    I know stress can cause diarrhea, but the only stress she may have had is the heat and our neighbors doing fireworks right before the diarrhea came on. Her milk production was down before this, though. It was all very sudden. What else can I do for her?

    It's been 2 months since I copper bolused my herd. According to you all here, I needed to wait a full 2 months before I did it again. I've been anxiously waiting, as I've been spending the summer dealing with mineral deficiencies in my herd. The above doe has been my healthiest and not a concern.

    I have noticed everyone's coat is shinier than before, but I still have one with the fish tail, one with foot issues and all with discoloration. I know some of that is selenium, too. We've done Bose and I've done a couple of doses of the selenium paste over the spring/summer. I was going to copper bolus everyone again, but should I do my sick doe? Will it make her worse? Is a shiny coat enough or should I even bolus everyone again?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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    It would be fine to copper bolus again. Have a fecal done to include coccidia.
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    Sep 21, 2018
    Along with the fecal, I'd suggest...
    Keep a bucket of electrolyte water out along with regular water and their loose minerals. The heat can cause problems when the humidity is that high because they can't cool down as well. I have o doe that has problems with high heat/humidity and making sure she has access to electrolytes has helped her a lot. Probios and a flat dark beer drench wouldn't be amiss either if she's been scouring for this long. Build up her rumen with good flora and it might help end it too.
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    Apr 6, 2020
    Good news! She ate a little grain and hay tonight and we saw a couple of pellet poops in her pasture! We may be over the worst of it! I think I'm just going to dry her up now and be done. We were going to take her to the fair, and she's such a good looking doe, but her health is more important.

    I drenched the electrolytes bc I was not sure she would actually drink the water mixture and I wanted to make sure she got it into her. I will put some out for her to drink with her water to make sure she keeps going in the right direction.

    Probios was on my radar but I didn't give it. I have some, I'll just do it.

    I will bolus my entire herd, including her, in a few days.

    I have had such a hard spring and summer with all of these first fresheners! Whew! I appreciate this resource and all of your help. I would have been lost without you guys!
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    Sep 24, 2017
    Make sure her mastitis is treated before u dry her up, or it will come back next time she goes into milk
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