advice in dealing with mites needed!

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    I am just boys have mites! I have research and read everything I can and I know it is mites......I also spoke with vet on Thursday and he agreed base on their symptoms and believes the mites came in either in the hay or straw....they have little scabies on their legs and a small bit of hair loss.....they also have some areas on their faces.....I have not had the vet out as of yet, but will if I can't get it under control on my own.....either way, now I am dealing with itchy goats! This all started about 3 weeks ago, I have dusted with sevin which did not I then dipped with some stuff from TSC called PROLATE, done that 2x's and I finally injected with Ivomec yesterday which I just hate doing.....I have been completely cleaning their pen out and treating it and bedding every week.....I have given them some benaydrel (sp?) to help with the itching....I guess my question is, is there anything else I should do? Didn't know if I should give something to boost their immune system........One more thing...since I injected them with ivomec long before I'll see improvement?????
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    Oh! Poor little guys! What you've done so far should have taken care of it, I would think. They probably won't stop scratching until their skin heals up and the hair will take a few weeks to grow back completely.

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    Mites happen. It's really OK. :)

    For mites, we use Ivomec at a rate of about 1ml/25-30lbs, injected SQ.. It may take several days to see improvement from Ivomec alone because, while there may be no new irritation from mites, it's still itchy and they still bite and scratch at it and keep it "raw." There can also be secondary infections involved. And if you really look at it, there's usually also a good deal of inflammation.

    We had a doe with this same problem recently.. She was fine and then I noticed a little irritation on her legs.. Within a day or two, her legs were chewed bloody and she just ran around stomping her feet and acting miserable.. I injected her with Ivomec one weekday evening and then, the following Saturday (when we had time), we got her up on the stanchion to do some more intensive work..

    First, we took warm soapy water and a washrag and really scrubbed her legs.. And when I say scrubbed, I mean, pretty much the whole area of irritation went from brown and gunky with matted hair to pink, much less hair, and some traces of fresh red blood.. Believe it or not, that's more or less what I expected would happen.. As such, I really figured the goat would fight me tooth and nail and try to kick my head off, but once she figured out what was going on....she was more or less accomodating and actually seemed to enjoy being scrubbed. I think it felt good in the same painful, slightly sadistic way as scratching a skeeter bite until it bleeds and oozes..

    Anyway, I basically scrubbed until the last wash rag came out more or less clean, at which point we rinshed her off with clean water and dried her legs thoroughly..

    Then we kinda stood back and, do we leave them to dry, or do we apply something topical? My thinking was that dry usually means aggravating, and that she'd continue chewing, so we wanted something soothing but that would also medicate the area just a bit.. Furazone?...nope, just makes a big sticky mess.. Neosporin?...maybe, but I'm not sure how 'soothing' that is..

    AHA! Udder balm! I rubbed in quite a bit of the most "lotioney" udder balm we had -- not the super greasy kind, but the kinda that will actually rub in.. She *really* seemed to appreciate that. It was a medicated balm, too, so it provided some protection from germs and the elements..

    We also started her on a round of tetracycline because, upon further inspection, some of the scabby areas looked like they could have been a little infected.. That probably wasn't absolutely necessary, but we just wanted it healed ASAP..

    All of the irritated area was inflammed and angry looking, so she also got a shot of banamine (IM @ 1ml/100lbs) to help bring down the inflammation and help her with the pain.. That helped tremendously.. Once it kicked in, she actually seemed to be at peace for the first time in DAYS..

    Otherwise, she got b-complex just as a general pick-me-up, and I think we also gave her about 15ml of Red Cell for the heck of it..

    Within a few days, she was like a new goat.. She had been really feisty and didn't want much to do with us when her legs hurt, but maybe two days after all that, she was right back to being a pocket goat. Her legs haven't fully healed yet (been about 2wks, I guess) but they just look more or less bald now.. The scabs are pretty much gone, and there's some peachfuzz growing back in...just waiting for the hair to recover and she should be right as rain.

    So..that's what we did. :)'ll want to repeat the Ivomec treatment in about 3wks.. I don't think it kills *all* stages of mites and the life-cycle of mites is about 3 weeks.. The 2nd treatment should knock out whatever the first treatment missed, and you should be good to go after that.

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    cmjusto........thanks for guys don't sound like they got as bad as your doe.....they seemed much less itchy yesterday. I have to say that dealing with these mites is very frustrating.......I just hate seeing my boys itchy......benydral(sp?) really seems to help also.
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    I'm going through the same thing right now. They had it last year at this time too. I've used Ivomec+ (3 rounds), permethrin and they still haven't gone away. Last year I ended up putting vaseline or bag balm on theirs legs everyday for about a 2 worked! I guess I'm going to have to do it again this year.
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    They continue to hurt and be aggravating, so they itch and bite and scratch long after the mites have done their damage. Soothing the residual irritation goes a long way toward healing.

    Banamine + udder balm did the trick for our gal. :)