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Ok, I recently bought this doe and noticed her hooves were bad when i got her. I just got around to trimming her hooves and didn't realize how bad they were. One of them has a foul odor and the center looks like it's rotten. I cut some of the dead stuff away while i fought to keep the doe from flipping out. It seemed painful. All four of her feet seem like they are over extended because it looks like she has never had her hooves trimmed. They look really bad. Will her feet auto correct back to the right angle after her hooves are trimmed to the correct angle? She's 7 years old so it's a concern if I can keep her with the condition her feet are in. She's also pregnant. To make things worse is that we are getting a ton of rain here so treating the rot is going to be problematic. Are there anything special things I should do other than treat per recommendations on the Hoof rot bottle? Should I give penicillin or some form of antibiotic while treating with the hoof rot stuff? I don't want to cause her to abort or deliver with a birth defect. She's due around the ned of November or Early december per the previous owner.

What are the boots from Jeffer's supply used for? Cases like this?
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