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Okay so, currently I have two kinder does, Bella and Prim; and two kinder bucks, Phantom and Cullen. My bucks are full brothers; my does are distantly related. I am keeping a doeling this year out of Phantom and Bella, her name is Murphy. I plan in the future on replacing one of my bucks to add to my gene pool, and I can't really keep more than two bucks at a time because of lack of space. Now before I had really thought about this I figured in the future I'd keep a doeling out of Prim and Cullen since that would be more genetics in play then, but then when I replace on of my bucks I will only have one buck to be able to breed that daughter to because one of my bucks will be her father. I'm not sure I'm being clear.

Therefore, would it be better for the doeling I keep out of Prim to have the same father as Murphy (Bella and Phantom) and then replace Phantom? Both new doelings can then be bred to their uncle Cullen (which is an acceptable amount of inbreeding in my opinion), plus the new buck I buy.

This of course is discounting the possibility of adding a doeling from another herd instead, but I'm not sure I'm in a place where I would be able to do that in the near future.
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