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After 27 years

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After having served the US Army for the past 27 years without a break in service, today will be my first day out of work. I spent 24 years in uniform and the past 3 as a GS worker for the Army.

I volunteered to be furloughed so more of my employees may continue to work and get paid once this is over.

Now I am waiting for HR to come to work so myself and 14 others, who support the US Army warfighter, can get the furlough paperwork and go home.

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This shut down is so crazy. You are fantastic to volunteer so others may still get a paycheck at the end of it all. Fingers crossed the government gets back to work soon.
i agree thank you for volunteering. i still think both sides are being stupid. dont pay congress and it will get settled fast enough!! meanwhile i heard that they dropped funding for the school lunch program, the school lunch program will continue until the current food supply runs out, so poor kids dont get breakfast or lunch some food pantries are helping out as best they can. as usual the poor end up paying for the rich.
Thank you do much for your sacrifice and service :) God bless you and your family
That's awful GT. They fight an bicker like 4 year olds an don't care how this affects our country. Thank you for your service!
So frustrating. Thank you for your service and I sure hope things settle quickly.
Thank you for your service.

Until all of Congress and Senate and the president is voted out, this country is in deep trouble.
Thank you for your many years of service! I saw a picture on Facebook with a caption of:

"You have enough money to go to war, but not enough money to pay your employees?"

Our government has become an embarrassment...
:flag: Thank you GTAllen , for your service :)
I would love to shake your hand in person one day !
I agree with the above! :(

Thank you for your service GT!
Thank you all. You are all the best.
The bright side is maybe I'll have enough time to find a girlfriend now. Lol

haha. way to look on the bright side!!!
Good luck finding a lady friend :)
That really stinks :( this whole thing really stinks :(

Thank you for your service GT! :)
Thank you for your service, Sir.
Thank you for your service, and great that you see the silver lining!
I need to re phrase my last sentence.
I would be "honored" to shake your hand one day ;)
And I must add that the lady you meet will be the luckiest lady in the world :)
( trying to get my wedding ring off ) as I'm typing .......
Thank GT..its heart warming to know there are still people like you out there!! God Bless!!

And God Bless America..she needs it!!!
Thank you all. You are all the best.
The bright side is maybe I'll have enough time to find a girlfriend now. Lol

i'm available!!
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