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Since I've recently started buying some more Boer goats, mostly unregistered so their ages are a guess I thought it would be really nice to have a place where people could post pics of their goats teeth and the goats actual age, or guessed age. I am mostly interested in seeing pictures of goats over 4 years of age and am also interested in knowing the history of the goat, as far as if the goat was primarily on pasture or dry lot. I would also like to see if there is much difference in the wear on the teeth on a goats in different areas of the country.

I do know how to age a goat by it's teeth, but also know it can be very confusing to people who haven't had a chance to look at a lot of teeth on goats with known ages. I do plan on taking pictures of some of my goats in the next week or so to post.

So feel free to post pics of your goats teeth, any ages breeds and genders are welcome although I am most interested in older goats mostly because they are really more or less a guess. I would appreciate it if you could post the Age (and if it is actual or guessed, please include 1/2's of years also), breed, gender (doe buck wether) and if the goat was raised on pasture, dry lot, was ever starved, anything that may affect the wear on his/her teeth.

I also think pictures of the goats head/horns (if they have any) would be really helpful too for people to learn how to guess ages by the teeth and horns.

If you have a goat that you don't know the age, feel free to post pics of his/her teeth and we can try to help you learn what to look for to know the age and help guess what age your goat is.
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