AGS/ADGA Nigerian Dwarves for sale - WV (pic heavy!)

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    Jan 9, 2009
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    Well, some of you know, we had a busy Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday! We had 7...yes 7 babies born in about 18 hours out of 2 mamas. Here is what we have...and what is for sale: Pedigrees are stacked with champions, and I'd be happy to pm you the pedigrees if you are interested. Feel free to ask questions or pm me. Thanks to all you guys for all of your support, kind words, and for looking!

    First, a family picture of Heritage and the Quads...

    Baby #1 - Doeling - golden red with white poll, frosted ears, white splash and blue eyes (RETAINED)

    Baby #3 - Buckling - red with white poll and few random white splashes, blue eyes (SALE PENDING)

    Baby #2 - Buckling - Solid red/brown with brown eyes ($350); Baby #4 - Doeling - red/brown with white poll and blue eyes ($400)

    Second, a picture of Violet and the Trips...

    From left to right: Baby #2-Doeling, solid red with blue eyes (SOLD); Baby #1 - Buckling, Red with a few white splashes, brown eyes (SALE PENDING); Baby #3 - Doeling, Red and white with blue eyes (deceased)

    Also: Mid-September Buckling for Sale
    Doeling - Black/white with brown eyes (RETAINED); Buckling - Light caramel with ice blue eyes (SALE PENDING)

    Last, but not buck that sired them all..."Hank"
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    Nov 8, 2009
    Absolutely adorable!!!! You are truly blessed! :clap:

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    Adorable!! I especially love that little black & white doeling :) I can't wait for kidding to start here in March! Good luck with your sales. ~Karen