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Here is Latte at 2 months old. Mind you he just got taken from mom so he was NOT cooperating! We tried to properly set him up, ground is a little uneven and the picture of him from the front his legs are bowed out like that (he was pulling back on the leash) other than that....

Judge my goatie please! :)


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Cute little guy.

I like the levelness of topline. His length of body looks pretty good.
Rump looks short and steep.
Length of neck looks okay, but is thick and ties in low...almost a bit of a ewe neck.
Withers sit a bit far forward...but if he's shaved...that may look better.
Could use a more pronounced brisket.
Rear legs look pretty good. I like that width between the hocks and angularity.
Front legs...looks like he toes out and his knees look a bit knobby.

He's young and things can improve as he ages.
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