AGS Polled & MoOnSpOtTeD doe for sale- Mass

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    We are toying with selling our doe, Sister's Three PT's IO, who is all Kids Corral genetics.
    Her sire is Kid's Corral Pats Tenor. She is a grandaughter of MCH Doe Sy Doe Patches and a granddaughter of MCH Kids Corral LL Smokey Fire.
    She is polled AND moonspotted.
    She just freshened for her second time with a VERY capacious udder, her teat size also has improved. Her first kidding she kidded twin does, one was polled, this kidding she had triplets 1 doe and two bucks, one buck covered from head to toe in moonspots and also polled.
    This is one of our harder choices, but her lines just don't quite fit in the direction we are headed, so we are thinking of letting her go.
    Pictures and information here:
    Tested negative (the whole herd did) for CAE and CL in Feb 09.
    She will be ready to go in 8 weeks when her kids are weaned, in milk for $400.
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    Re: AGS Polled & MoOnSpOtTeD doe possibly for sale- Mass

    Oh- forgot- she is ADGA and AGS registered