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Discussion in 'Goats For Sale' started by 4hmama, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Jan 9, 2009
    No. Central WV
    I have an 11 month old, AGS registered wether for sale....He is up to date on vaccinations, disbudded, and has great bloodlines. Got him to keep my buck company, but am having kids (the 4-legged kind) soon, and the kids (2-legged kind) don't really give him the attention he needs - even less (I'm sure) with the babies coming. Would be a nice pet, companion, or 4-H project. Attaching pictures at different ages. PM me if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

    Buckwheat at about 4 months old

    Buckhwheat in January '09
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    Aug 25, 2008
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    He is soooooo cute and I would snatch him up in a minute if we lived closer......I got to thinking and my boys are actually 9mths old now....he would be perfect for them.....but we got our boys in Kentucky and it was horrible bringing them this's a wonder they survived, we knew nothing about transporting goats and niether did the man we got them from....they ended up with a bad worm load and cocci....I'm assuming from the long trip and nothing to prepare them.....we were idiots! I told my husband I will never do it again.....but I would so love to have him and he would have the most loving home here......I do not work and spend most of my time in the barn with my husband says I should just put my bed out there.. :greengrin: !
    Thanks for the pics! Denise