AGS Show in Atco NJ June 27th

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    Oct 4, 2007
    This show is sponsored by Nigerians Unlimited.

    Date: Sunday, June 27th 2010
    Place: Windy Pines Stables, Atco, NJ (a mile past my house)

    I am the show chairman (woopee LOL).

    Show secretary is Gail Putcher

    We will have two shows in one day

    Morning show judge is David Funk
    Afternoon show judge is Paul Kempe Jr

    Each show will consist of a Sr Doe, Junior doe and Buck shows.

    If you would like to receive the show catalog and entry form please email myself at st[email protected] or Gail Putcher at gaymornd @

    This is an open AGS show - anyone may attend.
    entry fees are $6.00 per goat per show