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I read on this forum that a lot of people add alfalfa pellets to their goats' diet in the winter, so I bought a bag yesterday. I'm not sure how to feed it to my 2 Boer cross doelings (6 months old), nor do I know how much.

Do I add it to their grain, or supplement it for some of their grain? How much do I give them, and do I have to start with a slow amount and work up to the amount they should be getting?

We aren't having winter weather yet...but it's getting into the 30's at night, and some days we don't get over 50. So it is getting colder. Leaves have all changed color, grass dried up. So they aren't getting much green browse. Hay available at all times, as well as loose minerals and baking soda. They are getting a cup of grain each in the morning, and a cup at night.

Thank you!
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