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The last 2 sale babies left today, including the only doeling. I under-priced Craig's list a bit and probably could have sold a dozen more. What was great was that they all left in pairs...
Worrisome part was that all went to never had a goat before homes, well, except the two to the Zoo. I got $75 for the males and $150 for the female. The Zoo boys got me a $200 tax credit and we are trying to get my company's charitable match money for the zoo, too. It's a little weird because I donated goats, not money (bucklings not bucks?) and the paperwork has gotten weird.
The lovely woman who picked up Nellie Grace got hit with goat math immediately after loading her doeling...and left with the last male, too. She is getting him fixed immediately, we had "the talk" and I feel confident Nellie won't be a pre-teen mom.
It was a good crop. I am happy with all the buyers and, well, I kept 5 for myself...
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