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All the signs are there, but no babies???

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Hello, I am new here and new to goats. I'm from Tennessee. I have a goat that has had every sign of kidding for the last 6 weeks and no babies yet. I bought her 8 weeks ago from a lady in Kentucky and she thought she was due to kid on sept. 8th. She's had a huge milk bag for about six weeks and her ligs are soft, puffy vaginal area. To me, she is huge. I'm trying to be patient, but my whole family is so excited to see little babies.


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They come when they are ready. The previous owner may not have had the correct due date. At this point, I would assume that you have no idea what the due date is and just keep an eye on her.
What other symptoms is she having is her bag shinny and extremely full any goo from velveta
How is she acting
If her udder has not grown in a couple weeks, the day that you notice that it has doubled in size will be the day you start watching for kids, even though your doe is a Boer, most does will fill up within 24 hours before they deliver.
Gave birth this morning...pic on the birth announcement page
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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