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    As many of you know i leased my herd out to dreamhigh farm in ID. I just got a call saying some of them have to go due to finacial reason. There are three does and one buck that dont have a home. Would make a great starter herd for someone. Sera, Skittles and Juno are the does. Apex is the buck. They can al be seen on my website. Im willing to give these animals to you if i can have a contract saying i can have animals back in the future. Preferably would like to keep them in the ID/WA/OR area.
    Let me know if you are interested. they are located in Nampa.
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    UPDATE! We only have two does left to find homes for. I would be willing to work a deal of doe kids back out of these does, if someone is interested in giving them a good home. Sera and Juno are the only two that need a home. Sera is out of fantastic milk lines and my most laid back line. She is so easy to handle. The kid is out half sister to sera and a french doe. Would love to see these guys go to a family with kids, or a 4-h home. Sera is bred.

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    Oh man i wish i was closer ! I would so take your girls in return for kids back :+) Too bad they need a home now on not in April/May - i'll be going to ID to pick up another new buckling and doeling :+) I hope you find them great homes !
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    Did you happen to find any transporters coming to Coeur d'Alene area?
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    Still working on it.