Am I nutts?

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by RPC, Nov 2, 2010.

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    So am I nutts or just your typical goat owner? Last year when I bought our first 2 bred does I told the kids this would be the only year we would have babies then we would just buy them. Well it was so much fun we kept the 2 doe kids and moms and bought a young buck. Then I said we are done no more goats will be saved from the next kiddings. Plus we won't buy anymore. Well over the past couple months I have been itchin for some more and looking on craigslist for fun. Now that the does didnt get bred when we want, I have decided to buy 2 or so more bred does so that we can have January kids for the fair. 1 year ago I had 0 goats now we are up to 5 and possibly 7+. I dont know whats goin threw my head but I sure like those little guys. Maybe this year I can sell a couple kids and start making a little money back for what I put in, instead of the nieces getting it all.
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    Re: Amy I nutts?

    Yep... that's what we mean by goats are addicting! LOL When I started showing I went from 6 goats to 25 in 1 year! :laugh: Oh and I bought them all... that was not retained kids! Hubby was NOT pleased.... fortunately he seems to be getting used to it now! :ROFL:

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    Wow that is a huge jump from 6 to 25.....but they sure are addictive
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    Goats should come with warning stickers! "CAUTION: MAY BE ADDICTIVE TO ANYONE WITH A HEARTBEAT!!" :laugh:

    I have only had my first goat for a few weeks and am now wondering why I waited so long. I'm already browsing for another one. I can't wait for the kids to arrive.

    I also look at all my animals from the perspective that there are far worse things to spend my money on and at the same time making my life and theirs better!
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    :ROFL: So true :wink: :thumb:

    Yep they are....I always seem to keep babies every year.... my DH says no more and I say... one more .........after this one :wink: .... Oh well... they will blend... LOL :laugh:
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    Your a typical goat owner I'd think, as I am the same way! We just wanted a few, and we accumulated FAST LOL At one time we had 13 here! We started out in April with 2 bred does.
    Yesterday we had 10, but sold the 2 bucklings so we now have 8.
    2 does are bred due Christmas and New Years! 2 more are bred for the end of Feb, and the other could be bred, not sure, just waiting for a heat cyle..or not.
    Then we have our 4 month old doeling, our buck and a whether <he's for meat>.

    I'd buy more if we had the land for them! They are very addicting, and so much fun!
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    Sounds normal to me! I swear the only reason I don't have ten already is because I wouldn't know where to put them. I live on a half acre and really can't house more than about four...which means I get to get two more ;)

    They just have so much personality and once you realize how cute and fun and mischievous they are you can't help but want more!
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    Didn't Gina post in another thread they were better than therapy???

    After a stress filled day (I work from home - corporate job) I can got out and visit with my goats. It relieves the stress of the day, I've been healthier with lower stress and the physical aspect of taking care of them.

    So I tell everyone... for me it's better than therapy and the fifty million side effects of anti-depressants! LOL

    In less than a year we went from 8 to 17!!!
  9. HoosierShadow

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    Apr 19, 2010
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    I know what you mean! We have 2 acres, their pen is a little over a half acre, but as soon as we can finish fencing in the wooded area they'll have that acre to roam on. We take them out in the woods to browse for about 2 hours every day, and when there was grass in the front yard <dry, brown, crunchy now :( >, we'd take them out in the front yard as well to graze. Always fun, and they enjoy getting out soooo much.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Yep, Amika. That was me. :greengrin: My hubby is on high blood pressure meds due to his ex and he said I had too many once. I told him real quick as long as I'm not on meds and I have to deal with his ex I'll darn well have as many as I like! :laugh: I had 10 and 2 sheep. I gave 3 to a friend last month.....I may get more sheep later. Spring lambs will be up for sale before you know it. :shades:

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    LOL sounds like you're well on your way, you'll go from Goataholic to Content With Addiction in no time!
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    Oct 3, 2010
    Since we actually starting the "Goating" and not pets we went from 0 to 11 and Im still looking at other prospect goats.
  13. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh man are they addicting!!! I started a year ago with an unregistered Nigerian, and her wether kid. Now My friend got into the fainters and keeps them at my house. so between the two of us in 1 year we have gone from 2 to 20, and thats with selling kids!!!
    I wish I had less property. It would stop me from buying more!! The last two I bought I flew in from MA!!!! to WA??????????? I NEVER thought I would take it that far!
  14. alyssa_romine

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I dont think your nuts...I think ur addicted just like the rest of us...hehe...I had 17 at one time...7 kids and 10 adults...they are very fun tho! Right now I have 5...3 does, 1 buckling and a wether...planning to add more with the kiddings if they are doelings...then I want to add more breeding age does and another buck or hopelessly addicted and I'm loving every minute of it!!!!
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    mommaB that's pretty bad :greengrin: but totally understandable. Goes to show you are one dedicated Goat Woman! :thumb:
  16. RPC

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    I am going to go look at 3 does tomorrow we will see what I come home with. They are from the same breeder I got a doeling from this year for the fair. One is a 6 year old that normally has triplets and has had quads once. She said she cant raise that many so she has to do a morning and night bottle for the kids but they always seem to be good growing kids and even though she is old she still has some years left on her. She is registered, I do believe they all are. She is $100.00. Then there is a 3 year old that has only had single doelings both times but again they are fast growing and she is $175.00. the last one is a 2 year old and this year she was a ff with twins that did well. She is $150.00. The 6 and 3 year old are traditional boers and the 2 year old is a paint boer. Without seeing them I am leaning towards the 2 and 6 year old because I already have one that likes to only throw singles and I like multiples so I dont have to worry about them being huge and the more babies the better because I love kids. If I remember right the 6 year old is due the first of January, the 3 year old is due the end of January and the 2 year old is due the beginning of February.
  17. Well good luck!!! let us know what you come home with, but MOST of all have FUN!!! :wink:
  18. RPC

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    Ok I will let you know and I will try to get pictures if I do come home with anything.
  19. RPC

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    Well I couldn't wait any longer to get more goats so yesterday I went out and bought 2 bred does. If you look at my website they are Athena and Jasmine. My website I just made saturday in an hour and a half so if you see anything that needs fixed let me know its
  20. hahahaha yeah I can't ever wait either :wink: It's a problem most of us suffer from I think. Congrats!! :leap: But I couldn't see which are the two you got???