Amazing April Fool Prank

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    Oct 6, 2007
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    I was sitting in class and was talking to my friend Logan. I was like “Oh man we need to do something to Mrs. D.
    “Like what?” asked Logan
    “I was thinking about maybe tipping all the desks over.”

    Now the desks at our schools will most likely be there until my kid’s kids go to school. Jesus probably used my desk. They are very tipsy and when you sit on the table part they tip and lean on the front legs of the desk and the table top. So they are easily tipped and sit up slightly still. It’s hard to explain.

    So when lunch was almost over Logan and another friend Dakota came to our table and got my friends, Ella Sami and I. Logan and Dakota dashed out of the room but since I have some brains compared to them I remembered that if your found out of class that you can be sent to the office, so I got Ella to ask the SRO. She goes up to him with Sami and me behind her and she lies about why we’re leaving! She tells him that we have to make-up test to do! Sami and I are seriously standing behind her knowing she ruined it for us but since the SRO is kinda umm dumb he sent us to the VP who is cool and Sami and I took over and told him what we were up to and he said as long as we wrote April Fools somewhere we could so it. We sent Sami to go stall Ms. D who was in the cafeteria headed to our class. Me and Ella sprinted into the room where Dakota and Logan had started. We finished up and Ella went off whining about something so Sami and I went and got our other friends to show them our amazing art work. As we were showing them we saw Ms. D walking towards us but we were able to stall her until the bell rang but she suspected something so she tried to get into the room that Sami was blocking. All of a sudden all the kids had some back from lunch and we unveiled our amazing prank. Some teachers were even there! Ms. D was SHOCKED and pretty mad. Logan then yells APRIL FOOLS but then another teacher with no sense of holiday spirit goes off about how she would march up to the office if someone did this to her and get us suspended or something. I was a little nervous but knew Ms. D appreciated my creativity so I walked in through the crowd still amazed by the amazing prank. The room looked amazing though all the desks we “bowing” and books and papers were all over the floor. Ms. D stood there shocked for a second but it was no big deal because we got it all cleaned up before the bell rang. It was amazing!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    somehow I am having a hard time imagining it but I assume it was one of those "you had to be there" kind of things.

    I was going to pull a AF on my friend but decided against it because I didn't think I could do it with a straight face.

    we are going on a trip in a couple days and she and i have been really excited abotu it. I was going to comeinto work and tell her how my parents couldn't let me go away and I was needed for something etc. But like i said I didn't htink I could pull it off with a straight face.

    She told me she would have been fooled. so that was cool enough for me hehe

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    Oct 8, 2007
    LOL quite creative :lol:

    I was told by someone I don't know, as I was walking down the hallway in school, "did you see that cat in the bathroom?" and of course, me being my gullible self was like "really? How'd it get there?!" it wasn't all that great, but was amusing at the time....

    Oh and my goats played a great prank on me yesterday :cool: When I got to the gate with their dinner they mobbed me excitedly (okay, I admit I was a bit late...) and Shanti actually jumped up on me (though I trained them all NOT to) and pushed me backwards, and I tripped over Melino and fell over. Luckily I landed in a dry spot of hay! Then they all swarmed around me and were bing very rude, going so far as to step on me trying to get the grain and eat my coat. They all got a few hard swipes on the nose, since I don't tolerate that kind of behavior from them, but they still seemed pretty high and mighty when I left :roll:
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    Oct 18, 2007
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    My daughter told me that she was stopped by the police and she was given ticket for speeding, no turn signal and a out tail light. At first I about died, then I was like "wait a minute, APRIL FOOLS". The only reason I new it was a joke was she was not crying. :tears:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh my Lori I am not sure if I could do that to my parents - my mom might ground me! lol