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    Some thing I found on the Kentucky Sheep & Goat web site.

    Officers Elected for American Goat Federation

    The directors of the American Goat Federation (AGF) have elected their Executive Committee, consisting of President Tom Boyer, Vice President Robin Saum and Secretary/Treasurer Marge Kilkelly.
    Boyer is a third-generation rancher from Coalville, Utah. He and his wife Carrie own Chalk Creek Boers. They have a commercial flock of meat goats as well as a flock of registered Rambouillets that has produced several national champions.
    Saum of Lancaster, Ohio, is currently serving her fourth term as president of the American Dairy Goat Association, a national dairy goat registry organized in 1904. Saum has been a Saanen dairy goat breeder for 19 years.
    Kilkelly of Dresden, Maine, is director of the Northeast States Association for Agricultural Stewardship (NSAAS). She and husband Joe Murray are owners of Dragonfly Cove Farm where they and raise and market meat goats.
    The AGF board of directors was appointed in early August. Remaining members of the board are Steve Burton, West Jordan, Utah; Jeff Crawford, Chatsworth, Ga.; Bob Duke, Utopia, Texas; Brain Faris, Ph.D., Manhattan, Kan.; Will Getz, Ph.D., Fort Valley, Ga.; Shawn Harper, Benton, Ky.; Katherine Harrison, Groveport, Ohio; and Pierce Miller, San Angelo, Texas