Ammonium Chloride for dummies

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  1. Howdy!

    So I've known about Ammonium Chloride for a few years now but never bothered to get it.

    I know/think my 6 year old wether gets UC. I see him hunched over every once in a while dribbling urine but it goes away. I know some of you are thinking "GET AM CHLORIDE NOW!!!" but these weird episodes resolve themselves.

    Secondly, the popular Manna Pro loose goat mineral that I use has AC in it already. Do you think that's enough for them or should I be adding more into their diets??

    My wethers and buck are off of alfalfa and grain except for winter to stabilize their weight. Since I hear that alfalfa and grain cause UC, I keep them off of it. Now some of you are thinking "GET YOUR BUCK SOME FOOD NOW!!" But I swear, he is my healthiest goat. Should I be giving him alfalfa anyway? Would it greatly benefit him?

    My last concern is, can you overdo AC? If I give them too much will it hurt them?? How much should I be giving them besides for what is already in their minerals?

    Thanks! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say :-D
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    I live near McMinnville Oregon, really not far from you at all. Are you feeding valley grass hay or eastern grass hay? Are there blackberry plants in your pasture?

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    To answer your questions yes, alfalfa would greatly benefit your buck and yes you can overdo AC. The body of the goat will also get used to it being provided and adjust to it so that it has little effect.

    My buck and wether get...
    Half and half alfalfa and grass hay by weight. This is either in the form of hay, hay and Chaffe hay, or hay and pellets depending mostly on which car is running :lol:
    Whole grains only when needed and fixed for phosphorus content with alfalfa pellets.
    They are NOT allowed to browse blackberries when the berries are on the plants. The berries contain stone forming oxidants.
    They get minerals, kelp, and cobalt block. I've never given AC in 30 years...
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    I second what Jill said^^^ good advice
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  6. 3/4 Eastern Oregon grass and 1/4 orchard grass (the cheaper, amber colored stuff)
    No blackberries for the boys to eat but I have been thinking about letting them mow down the garden that has some blackberries. I guess I will wait until berry season is over...

    I only ever give alfalfa pellets. My goats are wasteful and will eat the buds of alfalfa but not the stalks... not cost efficient when hay is priced by pound.

    I have one bag of kelp left and need to buy a cobalt block. I noticed a spike in the price of kelp and have been waiting for the price to go down before stocking up. Can you recommend a place to order or buy kelp from???