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and now: who has experience with perianal fistula after UC

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after his second bout with UC Oliver's prognosis isn't good. His urethra closed again and he's only able to pee in a very small stream or even only dripping.

He will undergo contrast x-ray this week to find where the blockage is located. Should it be inaccessible then the last solution before putting him down will be the perianal fistula.

I've heard a lot of negative things about it and am now trying to decide if I could give Oli a reasonable quality of life.

I would appreciate any insight in regard to the fistula: discomfort for the animal, time needed to care, risk of infektions, risk of skin irritations. Could your wether still pack parttime? What changes need to made (if any) with bedding and stable hygiene? And any other point I didn't think of.

Thanks a lot already.
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I believe, this is called Perineal Urethrostomy in English
We brought Oliver home yesterday, still without a fistula. And here’s how all went.

When I last wrote, Oliver was scheduled for contrast x-ray to find out where the blockage really is because everything else was guesswork.

I got a call about two days after the x-ray about the result and the unexpected side-effect. The x-ray showed a rather large amount of smaller stones lumped together with fibrin fibers in the second flexure of the urethra – well out of reach for any surgical solution other than a fistula.
BUT with the contrast fluid they could also see that his urethra was still open up to the penis, the fluid showing all the way from the bladder to there. They checked the bladder, too, both incisions from the surgeries are holding well.

With this result he was put away under observation to sleep off the sedative given prior to the x-ray. And during that time, totally relaxed and somewhat “out of his mind†he was able to pee in a normal, not restricted way.

So the vets decided to give him an epidural on the following day and trying to flush out as much of the small stones as they could get. They managed to unlodge a larger composition of smaller stones and pull it from the urethra.
Oliver was then able to pee in a thinner than normal but uninterrupted flow and it was decided that they would pull the catheter and send him home for me to keep him under observation and further management. The catheter had to come out, he had carried it for over two weeks.

We agreed, this being a Friday, that they would observe Oliver during the weekend and pull the catheter beginning of the following week if everything would go well.

I heard again from them on Thursday the following week: they pulled the catheter and all pressing and cramping while peeing are gone and Oliver can pee almost normal now. So some of his discomfort was again due to the catheter in his bladder.

All goats are at home for winter since this weekend and I’m able to keep a close look on Oliver and work out ways to – hopefully – manage his UC problem. Samples of the hay are on their way to being analyzed.

I so hope that it won’t come to another rezidive.
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Poor Oliver. I hope he comes through ok, and I hope you can figure out how to prevent him getting more stones in future.
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