Anemic pregnant goat

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    What do I do about an anemic pregnant goat? Both my girls had pale eye membranes. I wormed them with Molly's Herbal wormer. Tessie's much better now, but Helen's membranes are only slightly pinker and she still seems off-color. What should I do?
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Worm them with a real dewormer. Herbal wormers really only work if the goats don't have worms in the first place. And even then they are just a preventative. Imo.
    I would give them both a combo of safeguard and ivermectin.

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    I agree....get a wormer... that is going to kill the worms now...treat 7 to 10 days later...the herbal kind... isn't effective and just makes them.... immuned .... to nip it in the bud... you will have to get a normal wormer take care of it ...before they are consumed.....

    You can get a fecal done... so you know for sure what they have.... :wink: