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  1. heavenlyhaven

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Belmont, NY
    friday the 13th
    dh was coming home from pittsburgh and i had to pick him up at his brothers
    back strap fell off gas tank and it dragged on expressway until there was a hole in it
    (thank God it was plastic)
    and i watched a half tank of gas just disappear
    managed to limp the truck home
    saturday the 14th
    valentine's day came and went and i didnt even get an "i love you hun" from dh
    (by the by - dh stands for dear husband - he just asked me if it stood for dick head - ROFLMAO)
    needless to say i was quite depressed
    sunday, God's day, the 15th
    i decided that i wanted a new comforter for my bed and Kmart had one on clearance plus i get an employee discount
    and my ss saw a commercial for pizza hut that said by a large get a medium for a penny
    so i made dh go into town with us for shopping and dinner
    at pizza hut we get into this BIG discussion because they penny deal is for carry out only and dh is in a pissy mood and i'm in a pissy mood, etc. etc. etc.
    ss pops up and says "we dont have to get pizza we can get wings or pasta or something"
    i tell him wings are too expensive and pizza is it
    so then the waitress shows up and says she will give us the deal even if we eat in so we order
    well, there was an older man sitting at the booth behind us and he got up and left
    after he leaves, when the waitress brings our drinks, she says that the gentleman had ordered wings for my ss and he had paid for our complete tab!!!!!!!!!

    and a short "aside" my son moved out today to his own apartment and it is sorta bitter sweet
    on the way home tonite he called to tell me that he had gotten all moved in and things were going well and his neighbor had brought over some food
    he just wanted me to know
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I am sorry that you had a rough couple of days - that sucks. And you can tell DH that that is EXACTLY what it stands for the little booger.

    I was a little ticked at my DH - I made so many comments about wanting flowers at work - as last year he bought me the most beautiful vase and flowers, drove 1/2 hour each way to my work to drop them off, waited till I was away from my desk - put them on my desk and left before I saw him. I didn't get anything at work this year. Then I went to get his kid and take her to the Dr. and he had some flowers there, but nothing like the year before - but at least he tried to get the ones that I had hinted about.

    That is AWESOME what the older gentleman did for you. I have done things like that for people in the past, just to give them a smile as it did you. Just remember down the road, when you can, to repay the favor to someone else and keep it going - there are still good people in the world~

    Glad that you day was better! :hug:

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    OH I hate bad days especialy back to back ones -- bummer

    As to the kind gentleman --- that brought a smile to my face. What a nice thing to do.

    let your son know how much that ment to you and believe me he will do it more often. We want nothing more then to please the people we love and once we know how to do it and how simple it can be, we will do it more often (when I say we I mean like us kiddos :) )