Angora goats for sale in Australia

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    Oct 26, 2008
    On the off chance that there are any Australians lurking on these boards apart from Piccolo and myself, I have Angoras for sale.

    I have a number of goats to sell at very low prices, simply because I have to get the feed bill down.

    3 adult does with doe kids at foot - $120
    2 adult does with buck kids at foot - $70
    Or $50 for the does only (kids weaned)
    2 yearling does - $120
    6 kid does - $150
    6 wethers - kids up to 1 yr old - $50

    All of the above ready to go now.

    Plus, 2 adult does ready to go in early January - $40

    Also a large selection of raw fleeces suitable for handspinning, weaving, felting or craft for sale.

    Keep in mind the goats can be shorn in February/March and this should pay for the purchase price.

    They are good honest goats, very quiet and easy to handle. Up to date with vaccinations, worming etc.

    Micron and fleece weights are available for all goats.

    Discounts for group purchases.

    Will consider swapping for equal value: stud angoras of diff. bloodlines, registered dairy or boer goats, hay or feed, equipment, mini horse/pony driving harness or cart ...

    Located near Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    Contact Keren [email protected]