Angora Goats need home in PA

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    Feb 22, 2008
    Don't know if there is anyone near Oley, PA, but there are two angora goats and one mixed breed goat that needs to find a home by December 31. There is a petting zoo in Oley that is closed and they need homes for the last of these goats. We went yesterday to look at the 3 angoras - well, there were only two, the other one who is supposedly the daughter of one of them, did not even have a slight curl to her hair - looked like father may have been nubian. All 3 females; age unknown; hooves are very long, not skinny, long horns (although curled back). Since we do a traveling petting zoo, I was interested in the girls to cross with my billy goat to get some cute pygoras. But we couldn't even get near the angoras to check them out (not friendly) and we don't have any other horns on our goats, so we decided against getting them. They were asking $50 each for them. I felt bad leaving them there as the care isn't very good, but I told the guy who is the animal caretaker that I would ask around to see if anyone would be interested in them. send me a PM if you're interested.