Angora & Mini Silky X Fainter Does - AZ

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    Dec 10, 2009
    This is breaking my heart but due to financial hardship and a worsening medical crisis, I have to rehome my beloved goats. :( If interested, please email me privately @ debmcqueen (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    * 1 standard White Angora doeling, A+ coat & very friendly $100
    * 2 adult white Navajo Angora does $200 for both, will not separate
    All 3 have been sheared, are healthy and clicker trained.
    Multiple purchase discount for all 3 as I would prefer they stay together

    Also, if their breeder passes on first option to buy back,

    * Twin 5-month old Mini Silky X Fainter kid goats, both blue-eyed doelings. The black and white doeling has a moonspot and is skirted. The white doeling with black spots will probably have a long coat and also be registrable with the MSFGA. The girls came from a CAE negative herd, are very friendly and love to cuddle. Their registration with the MGA is currently pending. Asking $650, what I paid for them.

    Ideally, I would like to see all 5 goats stay together. They have bonded tightly and make a nice lil' fun and fiber herd. The Angoras are not as active as other breeds but are still very playful and entertaining. All will do tricks on cue (e.g. shake, count, bow, pray, dance, etc.), enjoy clicker training and targeting, and are quick to learn and eager to please. So if someone were interested in purchasing all 5 goats, I would be more than happy to offer a substantial discount plus throw in all my goat supplies and equipment, including but not limited to: new footrot shears, brushes, 2 new halters, collars, first aid supplies and meds, supplements, a Little Tike's playhouse and a separate climbing cube w/slide, 4 cable spools, and their feed buckets.

    Additional information and photos available upon request.

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    Dec 10, 2009
    The Angoras are sold - I will miss them :( - but they went to a wonderful new home. :)

    The twins are staying put; it looks like I will get to keep them. :leap:

    Deb Mc