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    I have a 2 yr old Angora goat whom we got last year when she was 1.. we sheared her in June last yr and again in Sept. and this year again in May. My question is do you have to shear them twice a year.


    Our fair is the 2nd week of Aug every year, so we wait to shear her after that and we live in Michigan last year right after we sheared her it got COLD.. and she was shivering and sick all winter, runny nose and we could not keep weight on her no matter what we did. She lived all winter in a very heavy dog jacket and in the pole barn a lot.

    So I was thinking of just shearing her in the Spring and not this winter so we do not have the same issue as last winter, but my daughter thinks we should shear her now too. She does weigh more now then she did last year at this time and seems healthier but I am afraid to take the chance..

    Any thoughts?

    Donna and Dani B
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    Sweetgoats has fiber goats and lives in Colorado, so it's cold there. I bet she will answer this. If not soon, she sometimes isn't on all the time. But you could send her a PM. I would have thought it would be once a year, but I know nothing about it.


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    you can shear only once ayear, but its a lot morework for you andthegoat to carru the extrastaple
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    The best thing to do is sheer in feb and August. That way you have the best growth for the shows, and it is not to hot for them.

    I would NOT recommend sheering only once.
    1. it will be a mess to skirt and clean
    2. it is way to hot and heavy for them to carry around
    3. to long is not good, it will just matt and really be unusable

    We have our first big show here in June, and I finally went around asking everyone when they sheer. (I do not have Angora goats, but I am the county wide leader for all fiber goats).

    They said Feb (and have a coat for them) so that way they will have a good growth for the June show. Most of my 4Hers sheered in April and they had really no new growth compared to all the other goats in the classes and were always dismissed. That is because they did not have enough growth to really see what it looked like.