Announcment for GRR Kids

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  1. I am very exsited to share these pics and announce that we will see Spring kids from our handsome man. We added Olympus to our herd this year from Bending Tree Ranch and we have really grown much love and pride for this buck. He is everything I could have wanted him to be and then some. I can't wait to see what comes from him. SO mark the calanders to see what will come from him around the corner.

    BTR Brock another addition we are very proud of from Bending Tree Ranch, may give us some kids as well late fall. Here is to hoping...being young and a first timer it is hard to say this soon.

    Dasher another addition from Lazy Acres of TX will be introduced soon to our smaller girls. So again some SPRING kids to watch for. Dasher was born with a moonspot he has lost so we will see what his kids will carry soon.

    Thank you for your time and I can't wait to share more. Here is Olympus showing the girls what he's got. Will send other pics when Dasher is introduced to his girls.




    Brock growing into his own.


  2. Polarhug

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    They are both very handsome :)

  3. Thank you so much! I am very pleased. I am so hoping that Brock got a few girls. I know Olympus got four as of yesterday so here is to hoping. hehe
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    Gorgeous boys! I can't wait to see pics of their kids next year!
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    Oh very handsome boys you have there :) Brock sure is a flashy guy, I love his colors.
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    :shocked: Wow...awesome looking boys!!

    Brock sure has grown too!

    Glad to see you again JD...Hope to see you more often soon :hug:
  8. Thank you all, i sure hope to be back more full time sooner then later as well. I am very proud and so far they are doing great in the growth area. Thanks again, talk soon...