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    Dec 3, 2007

    Hey ya'll, first I wanted to update you on my baby that was attacked by the dog, he is doing excellent and running with another little by that was born about the same time as him and the mom. So all is well there, as much as I love all my spring kids I was left with 1 girl and 2 boys, the youngest og the boys was from a single birth and he is huge and was huge at birth. Is it to late for me to band him ? He was born March 6, 2009. I bought all the equiptment plus I have the tetnus, I am so afraid of doing it but I know with 2 billies all ready I don't need here I amworry wart......ya'll helped me with my first kidding season and all went well so please advise me with my first banding.......
    Thanks Leslie :help: :pray:
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    really easy..nothing too worry too much about'

    put the band on the bander, set it aside, it usually helps to grab the goat by its back legs so you can see whats going on down there.or have a friend help hold. take the sac and make sure the two testicles are descended..take the bander and open it and go to the very top of the scrotum..make sure the testes are down before releasing the band and removing the bander.

    hope this helps.. :)

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    Dec 3, 2007
    So he isn't to old or big to band ??? Gosh he is almost as big as his :question:
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    Nope, not too old at all, if you need to, you may have to pull one teste at a time into the band, then make sure the teats are not in the way when you release it...also, you will need to roll the band off the prongs as it won't slide off, and be sure that whoever is holding him has him tight as they really don't like the initial release of the bander.

    My hubby will hold the boys on his lap, on their rumps with each hand holding a front and rear leg...if held this way the testicles tend to hang down and it's easy to do it quickly as you can see what you are doing much easier.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    as long as the band will fit over it then yes he can still be banded
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    Jan 7, 2009
    I did my first banding a while ago. It was pretty easy The first thing I did was soak the band in iodine and rub it all over the banding area and give him one bayer low dose 81 mg,( but the goat I was banding at the time was 2 months old) . The main thing to worry about is to make sure there is no hair or teats stuck in the band. I also put Iodine on it every other day. hope this helps some!
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    Gwen gives the boys 2 cc of generic equivalent of childrens motrin about 10 minutes before the deed is done. She puts a little neosporin on the band to fight infection and lube the band and make it easier to slide off of the prongs. Make sure that both jewels go through the band.

    Good Luck!
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    I like the idea of neosporin on the band. A tip I will use - thanks!