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    Nov 11, 2009
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    I am going to go (hopefully) to see a 1 year old Maremma/Anatolian cross LGD tomorrow. She has lived with goats successfully since she was younger. The lady who has her doesn't have chickens, but I do. Do you think if I brought her here she would eat my chickens?

    ALSO, how do these dogs do when rehomed? My goats have never been around a dog before, I would think they would be afraid. How do you introduce them? Also, the lady says this dog is very devoted to staying with the goats and will bark at anything strange that might come around the pen, but friendly to people. I guess I need to ask if she has been around kids...

    Any advice or experiences you've had would be soooo helpful! Especially on the chicken front...Some of my chickens have been disappearing, so having something around that might keep predators away would be really SUPER!!!!!!
  2. logansmommy7

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    Nov 11, 2009
    Shenandoah Valley, VA
    Whoops..I meant the cross is Great Pyrenees/Maremma, not Anatolian...if it makes any difference...

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    Yes, it does make a difference. A friend with Anatolians has had problems with them eating birds. My Pyrs (Pyrs and Maremmas are very similar) protect the birds. Any time one of my poultry makes a loud noise the Pyrs jump up and start barking. You will likely have to keep an eye on the dog to make sure it doesn't want to play with the birds and correct it sharply if it starts to chase one. I'd suggest penning the birds till the dog has adjusted to your farm and to you. Introduce the birds thru the fence to start.

    I've brought home a Pyr that was a yr old and she had no problems.

    A goat that is not used to dogs will be defensive until she gets used to the dog. The dog won't have a problem with different goats.
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    I agree.... :thumb:

    See if... you can do a trial period with the see if it will work for you....
    The goats will be afraid or come at the dog...but ...they will eventually get use to each other and bond.....
    As for the LGD Anatolian... leaves them alone... I got him at 2 years old ....and he was never around chickens prior... you will just have to see how the LGD will act...... they all can be different.... :wink:
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    Nov 11, 2009
    Shenandoah Valley, VA
    THat is what I figured. So-if I would get her-how do you introduce them? Just let her in there? I guess it is their instinct not to bark at the goats or go at them...I just haven't had that experience. I have a Jack Russell who is not allowed at the barn (via underground electric fence) but if he was given the chance he would chase and bark at them. ALso-am I correct in thinking that these dogs live with the goats 24/7-you just feed them out there with the goats...and they are like a member of the herd? It is such a neat idea for me, and if the dog would protect the chickens it would be even better...I don't know if the lady who owns the dog would do a trial run or not...that is what I would like. I may ask when I go and see her...
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    She will be OK with the goats...if she was raised with them and shouldn't bark... but the goats will react in different ways..some may even run into the fence cause they are freaking out would put her on a leash and walk her into the goat area...hold onto her ......get a chair and sit down.... wait and watch the goats... as to what they are going to do......they may walk up to the dog to investigate.... they may stand back...
    Do this for a little while the goats know... that the dog isn't a threat.... and see's that you are petting the dog and it is OK...
    After doing this.... I would walk the fence line....with her... so she will know her boundaries.... then let her go..... eventually they will get use to the LGD ....and bond...

    Yes.. the dogs live with the goats 24/7 that is correct....and feed her in her very own dog bowel or container... whatever you want to use...... Put it in an area... that she will know and be in the shade...and can still see the goats....I feed 1x a day so my LGD cleans it up and the goats don't get a chance to nibble on it.... Hopefully your goats won't eat it..... I had a couple that did and I sold them.... because when I first got my LGD... he let the goats take over his food so he didn't eat...unless.. I stood there ...chasing the goats off that ate dog food.... now....for some reason a year later...he decided to tell the girls off and even the chickens....LOL.... and he now growls ...shows his teeth... and tells them... this is mine....but does not bite them........ :wink:

    Some people will do a trial period doesn't hurt to ask.... :wink:
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Do you have a another pen that is beside your goat pen or a large cage that the dog would fit in, comfortably, while in with the goats? They need to adjust to each other over a little bit of time. Otherwise, a leash is a must like Pam stated in pp.

    I would not be comfortable bringing home a new lgd and just putting her in with my goats. It doesn't matter how she does with her current herd, she knows them. She needs to be able to get to know yours (her new herd) and them get to know her.

    It will take some time, but sounds like you are getting good advice and hopefully a great lgd.
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    Definitely put the money into an escape proof pen/ temporary home near your goat feeders (so the goats will be forced to go near her) BEFORE you even contemplate getting a new LGD (puppy or adult)

    The dog needs to be introduced to your home by being put into the pen and being allowed to just sit back and watch the daily routine. The next day take her for a walk around the perimeter of where she will be guarding. This way she learns her "space" and you will be able to establish basic dominance by walking her. Let her on a "long lead" if she is doing well and correct any attempts to jump at or chase the goats. Only being a year old you will still have about another year of not being able to trust her 100% with the livestock alone. Trolley lines work great for when you aren't around after she adjusts to her new job. As far as training to poultry... she will need to be properly introduced... some chicks in a secure raised rabbit hutch (so she can go under and sniff feet and butts) will help her to learn about "flighty" animals... chicks tend to be very jumpy and noisy so she will learn to adapt to their "strange" activities... plus they will bring out her nurturing maternal side. Seing you tend to them everyday will train her that they are yours and to be protected not killed... again any negative reaction from her should be handled accordingly.
  9. I would be sure to walk your new lgd around the area she is to watch. I know many folks with foul and they have not had issues or lost one and after a good talking to the ldg knows better. Some LGD's need to be pinned or tethered up a few days to a week but this is not always the case for an LGD that really loves the goats. This website are also very good.