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I noticed one more doe looking pregnant. looks like three weeks to go or so.

So this little lady will be two in feb. Her name is Purplerain CC fire lily. Lily is a gold doe with blue eyes.
Dam is Camanna hs blue morning glory -sibling can be seen at camannas website
ds is Castle rock huron sunset
dd is CH old mountain farm brown'idsuzn
Sire to this doe is Castle rock pinpoint clover
ss is CRF castle rock harvest moon
sd is SGCH castle rock owl's clover

I think the sire to these kids is Purplerain little sur blk sage.
his sire is purplerain BBS white sage
ss is purplerain blue mountain sage
sd is SG blythmoor BZ masala
his dam is Oak apple vivace
ds is proctor hill to go daddy
dd is SG old mountain farm fast tempo
sur passed away recently which was quite sad, but he was a well known little guy around here. he would figure out how to get thru/under almost everything until the last month or so. There is a small chance that he is not the sire so DNA will be done on any doelings born(feel free to message on where to dna). I think we have about three weeks to go as her udder is very tiny still. Her sister at another farm kidded as a yearling and had very nice side attachments and a promising udder.

kid colors will likely be gold, buckskin, or black. Surs pedigree is mostly blk goats while Lilys is varied from chocolate to gold. 50% chance of blue eyes. I will not want to keep unless a doeling is born my favorite color-chocolate :) I am being really good this year since i have too many goats.....
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