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    Jun 4, 2017
    Morning all!! For those who did not see my previous post, we have been fighting barber pole worms and illness with our herd of 8 for about a month now. We initially lost one of our girls before we even knew anything was wrong. The second to get sick, we brought to Auburn large animal hospital for treatment and he passed away almost a week later. They did a necropsy and the only thing of note was an ulcer in his rumen and abscess on his liver but they couldn't say what caused it. We had two more go down and lost one while the other has pretty much recovered.

    Currently we had one get really sick, we had a fecal done and the vet noted a large number of barber pole worms so had us triple worm with Ivomec, Safeguard, and Prohibit. We have also been giving him Fortified B Complex every day, Nutridrench 2x a day and red cell once a day with probios and electrolytes thrown in for good measure. We kept him in the house for a couple nights when he seemed to be doing really bad, but he seemed to be getting better. Yesterday we noticed he was extremely skinny and was not eating. He sucks down the meds with no problem at all. I tried giving him sweet gum leaves which they usually love and he will nose at them voraciously, but seems unable to eat them. My husband gave him about 1/4 cup of grain (which we usually reserve as a treat) and it took him about 20 min to eat that little bit because it seems like he is trying to suck it into his mouth rather than eat like normal. He also gave him some yogurt in a bowl but he would just stick his nose in then look at hubby and bah, so they put it in a syringe and he sucked it right down. Also, while we were out there yesterday, we notice that after we gave him his meds he would continue sucking at the air after we took the syringe away, it reminded me of a suckling kid. Temp was around 103 yesterday afternoon and down to 101 this morning, so no fever. We have a call into the vet to see if he can come out, but I wanted to check with my fellow goaties and see if anyone else had come across something like this in the past and has some idea what we can do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! After losing 3, I can't lose anymore!!!
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    Can he actually open his mouth properly?

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    Jun 4, 2017
    He does seem to be able to open his mouth physically as we've opened it to check for any sores or anything stuck in his throat.
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    Jan 24, 2013
    How old is he? Is he young enough that he should be nursing still? Was he a bottle baby that you could through a mash is a bottle and have him drink it?

    If not, can you make up a mash that is very liquid-y for him to try to slurp? Beetpulp? Super soaked hay cubes? His rumen is going to get all out of sorts if he doesn't eat and he may need boluses to get it started working again.

    Would the vet be willing to try something like Banamine in case he is in pain and that is preventing him from wanting to eat?