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so i searched custom mixes and didnt find to many threads other then threads saying look up other threads...
I am looking for a mix for my lactating does who are nursing kids. I have been feeding purina goat chow with alfalfa pellets but dont really like to with all the corn in it.
so far i have found the
3 pts oats
3 pts barley
1 pt boss with 3 parts alfalfa pellets
i feed a 75-85%orchard hay with the rest alfalfa hay depending on the bale. with sweetlik meat maker (when im not feeding the rats and mice) so its not free choice currently.

i also saw a recipe with oats,barley,rice bran beet pulp
sorry i cant remember who had these mixes.

also if someone has a suggestion on how to kill these dang rats im all for it other then rat poison which i havent done yet due to the owls but they are chewing my feeders now. and the mice are seen during the day so there are lots. the mice are the small ones so far my mouse traps in the garage are too big as they just get the food out of them and the rats i guess are too smart for the rat traps and limited areas to put such a big trap that the goats cant get too. i sometimes get mice in the water trap but not often
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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