Another Weekend Part 2- Photos Added

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    Sep 10, 2008
    So here is the rest of the story that isnt as significant
    Friday after school my brother dropped me off at Jess's and it was raining (arg)
    but i went into her room and hung out, played guitar etc
    Then the rain stopped and we went outside to annoy the goats (as usual)
    They had a cute little shetland pony over that was one of their neighbours, just sitting around eating the grass.
    We fed him a carrot because he was cute :)
    That night we watched the Exorcist! It was kind of scary but not as bad as i thought, and some "scary" parts actually made me crack up.. but one weird thing is I got a call from a private number at around 10.30pm. I could hear a xylophone kind of sound but it was very quiet, and there was a slight disturbance on the line. I was freaked out but i ignored it because i didnt get any more.
    Next day we got up to drive to Mudgee property... We did a couple of drives around the property on the paddock basher truck. The creek is flowing crazily which is good. we stand on the back of the truck because we cant fit inside.. and we were standing on the front of the use tray thats attached to the body. And the cra braked quickly and my face slammed down onto the roof and hurted my nose :slapfloor:
    So after that we drove to the graveyard... story in part one :)
    Then we went back and had a pillow fight and i hurt my eye and couldnt see anything for about 10mins :(
    And we had dinner and i kept dropping potato bake all over myself :hammer:

    Eventually we went to bed... I woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and stretched out and started punching jess. I didnt even want to but i was scared and i was trying to get this thing away.. and since jess was next to me i started hitting her. It was so funny and i still laugh about it everytime i think about it.

    Next day we drove to orange for a 4WD competition.. We took the wrong road and had to cross a river after a storm, so it was flowing. Everyone but jess's dad didnt want to go.. then some people drove behind us and told us it wa fine so we crossed ok. The competition was a bit boring and i got sunburnt and annoyed, didnt get home til 11.30 and woke up feeling crummy
    But its all good and i had fun for most of it :greengrin:
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    Re: Another Weekend Part 2

    wow! that was a busy weekend!! i wish I had time on the weekends to just enjoy myself- All I do is work-work work :(

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Here are some photos of the animals and Us. All the animals are scruffy again.. Everytime i go there it seems to rain :ROFL:

    Jess is the morning with her Capachino. I'll let you know thats her at her worst LOL. She thinks I deleted that one ;)

    Gemma Keeping watch over the yard

    Whiskey the little scruffy mean Shetland Pony. He is so cute :D

    Snowy in the Mornining looking bright because of the overcast sky.

    Mixer being a poser (I have a sneaking suspision he is a girl ;) )

    All Bow down to Snowy or suffer!!

    Snowy: FOOD! ATTENTION! Yay!
    Mixer: Shutup Snowy :slapfloor:

    Snowy getting lots of pats

    gahh Mauled by Goats!


    I hope you liked them :thumb:
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    very nice pics thanks for sharing...with us.... :)